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Padpla automatically uploads your listings to all major property portals.

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Padpla’s pricing is very reasonable and should provide a saving to anyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Does Padpla Do?

We help Landlords and people selling their property upload a listing on the UK’s major property portals without using an Estate Agent. We offer advice and guides on how to Rent and Sell your property instead of doing all the paperwork for you and charging you fees for that service.

Why Should I Use Padpla?

Well to save money of course! Estate agents charge fees to write up the paperwork, source people to carry out works such as Gas Safety Certificates and various other things. We do not do that, We just charge you for the advertising.

A lot of these things can be sourced with a quick search on the internet for a much lower price (such as finding a local domestic energy assessor, conveyancing solicitor or Assured short tenancy agreement generator).

Why Are You So Cheap?

A lot of what we offer is automated and we personally believe Estate Agents charge far too much for what they offer. We are a modern solution to property marketing in the UK, a relatively new concept because everyone is used to getting everything they want from their Estate Agent, we just advertise.

How Do People Enquire About My Property?

The listing which can be found on other websites will have our e-mail and phone number for the public to contact, we will forward your enquiries to you via e-mail. However your listing on this website will have your e-mail and phone number available to the public to contact you about arranging viewings and any questions they may have.

Do You Conduct Viewings At My Property?

Nope, We just help you advertise your property, we let you do the rest and help you out if you need advice.